In a highly competitive online environment, online casinos are always doing what’s necessary to compete for new customers. A customer base will always have a certain amount of turnover, making it necessary for online casinos to have a corresponding market share percentage of new customers coming aboard. How do they compete? Usually with what they hope will be the best casino bonus in the industry.

As a player, it is incumbent on you to protect your own wagering bankroll. When looking for the right online casino to join, you want to focus on the ones that can best meet your personal preferences and needs. However, you need to look beyond the advertisements to understand exactly what any particular bonus has to offer. With the welcome bonus being the first one you will encounter, that’s the one you should use to determine if a site is going to be right for you.

With great care and precision, you need to invest the time necessary to completely understand the terms and conditions attached to any bonus. You need to understand time restrictions, game restrictions and most importantly, the rollover requirement. Even the best casino bonus will be worthless if you fail to comply with any of a bonus’ requirements. For that reason, you should not feel compelled to accept just any offer. You need to focus on the ones you believe you can properly manage and eventually turn into real cash.

Clearing the Rollover Requirement

Assuming you are willing to meet a bonus’ time and game requirements, you will find yourself left with the daunting task of clearing the rollover requirement. Based on industry standards, most online casinos will require that you wager 40x the bonus amount or 20x the bonus + deposit amount. Note: Each online casino has its own variations.

If you have a deadline for using the bonus and clearing the rollover requirement, you will want to treat that deadline with a sense of urgency. There is no bigger shame in life than to be so close to converting a substantial bonus into cash, only to have time expire and the bonus be rendered worthless.

How to Clear a Rollover Requirement

Irregardless of the bonus amount or rollover number, there are several things you can do to get through the clearing process as fast as possible. The secret lies in the terms in conditions. There, you will find a road-map to your riches.

Most bonuses include information related to which games you can play with the bonus monies and subsequently, to clear the wagering requirement. Here are a few guidelines for you to follow:

  • Do whatever it takes to claim the largest bonus possible. If you are going to succeed at clearing a bonus, you want to secure maximum benefit.
  • Focus on the games that offer the largest applicable number of points towards the rollover requirement. Generally, slots have the highest return at 100%, point for each dollar. Table friendly table games like baccarat or blackjack will either be prohibited or have a small applicable amount.
  • If the casino offers any wagering specials like double points for a particular game,that’s the one you want to play.
  • Depending on the bonus’ terms and conditions, you may be able to play a table game and wear down the rollover requirement. For instance, if not prohibited, you could continuously play both red and black for the same amounts on the roulette reel. Most times, you will push. Your exposure over time is 2.7% because of the zero. This is a gray area, but it’s not illegal.
  • If you decide to play slots, research each game under consideration to determine its RTP percentage. A percentage of between 96% and 97% would be preferred.

Last Warning

The best casino bonus is a great way to enjoy gambling and build your bankroll. With that said, there are many ways you can trip yourself up and cost yourself a bonus. Most players are unaware that any attempts to withdraw any money before a bonus program has been completed can instantly nullify any bonuses and winnings. That’s why you want to make sure a particular bonus fits who you are as a gambler. If you are looking for a quick hit and then leave the casino, most bonuses will not be worth your effort. Again, even with the best casino bonus, you need to be responsible and read all of the applicable terms and conditions.