The online casino marketplace has begun to gather a crowd of providers spanning across the globe. This space is an important revenue source to some areas, meshing big brand names with online entertainment. As the investment in this industry increases so does the free offerings casinos will host. One of the most popular promotions is the inclusion of a free spin bonus. This art is tailored to fit the theme of certain casinos or work to promote the brand of casinos looking to establish themselves in the marketplace. Thus, these offers can span anywhere from a couple of spins to hundreds. A simple ‘free bonus spins’ search will return thousands of results. The great differentiator becomes the casinos who make this offering a relevant technique to build their brand or promote their name.

The Art of the Free Spins Casino Bonus

This promotion is being tagged as an art form each casino performs differently. This is a tactic that benefits both the consumer and the casino. Some casinos will require a deposit to unlock these offerings, drawing immediate revenue from prospective customers. This is a useful tactic if the casino houses a wide range of slot machines, table games, and other such mentionable. Other offerings will take the free spin approach to a literal meaning: free of charge. These casinos use this platform as a marketing increase and a tool to increase casino visits. Neither option is wrong, which makes it a variation from casino to casino.

Keeping to the art form strategy, casinos will often use this platform to showcase new games or highlight games that don’t get enough attention. They will usually carry anywhere from 1-3 titles for use with the no deposit free spins. This will give the user a taste of the themes housed within the casino. It also creates a first-hand experience for the consumer, something that really helps draw their attention and heighten intrigue levels. Casinos gain access to user data on what machines are getting played and what machines aren’t, providing useful statistics for them to utilize moving forward. The free spin notion works for both casinos and interested participates.

Casino Free Spins: Breaking Down the Types

Each casino will label their free spin experience differently. We’ll start with two popular platforms: no deposit free spins and no wager free spins. The no deposit free spins are made available to all visiting users. These spins will likely be accredited once a user successfully completes a player profile or downloads the software associated with that casino. Both of these occurrences are also free, marking this as a good target for the inquiring customer. These spins may carry a wager requirement to reach actual cash payouts. A typical range of playthrough comes in at 15-25 times that of a free spin. This means the user will have to win 15-25 times the spin value in order to receive actual cash payouts. Since this is a free promotion casino offer, the odds carried at a free spin machine carry greater winning opportunities than do those in the live casino.

The no wager free spins are rarely utilized, but they provide an instance of pure excitement for the consumer. These spins also carry a designation like an account sign-up or download to access. The removal of the wagering tag makes all earnings from these spins available to the user. Since the casino is basically handing out free cash with these promotions, the winnings will never amount to a fortune. The user can obtain enough to give them a nice start in the live casino, increasing the satisfaction of the user and the casino in-use.

Categorizing free spins even further is three separate distinctions often utilized by online casinos: regular free spins, super spins, and mega spins. Each online casino uses their own terminology to grace the title of these spins, but this is a good guide to assess the masses of different casinos. The regular free spins carry the lowest wagering designations, coming in at an evaluation of £0.1 to £0.2 per spin. This benefits terms of playthrough, but will limit the total collection of funds you can receive. The second level is the super spins. These spins face a value ranging anywhere from £1.00 to £2.00. These offerings contain a heightened intrigue value, making them a great value play for the consumer. The best option on the market is the implementation of mega spins. These spins exceed £3.00 in value, marking them as the most sought after option for the player. Each of these structures helps casinos deviate user attention toward their vast library of games. They bring in an audience and create site traffic the casino needs to flourish. These three formats can be found at almost any online casino, making the search worth half the fun.