First there was the glamour and excitement of actual casinos. Then in the modern technologically advanced world, online casinos were all the rage. Now we have live dealer casinos, which basically mix the best of both worlds.

With this up and coming craze in the casino business, customers can not only happily gamble in the comfort of their own home, but can also have the benefit of a real live dealer on their screen.

How does it all work?

A human dealer or croupier will usually be situated in a studio with a live stream of them being broadcast to players that log on and play. In some situations, the stream might actually be coming from a UK live casino or a different country completely, and online players will get to see the actual casino players as well as the croupier, but this doesn’t happen often as it’s more of a challenge to film and stream in a real casino.

Why are Live Dealer Casinos becoming so popular in the UK?

The main advantage of this type of casino gaming is that you can see the croupier and won’t feel like you are simply playing against a machine. You can see everything they do on the screen just as if they were in front of you in an actual casino. Players can even chat to the dealers and they can respond. This helps to eliminates any doubt in a player’s mind that the results are rigged, especially when it comes to live dealer roulette.

Players may also be able to chat to one another, which only adds to the feel and excitement of being in a proper casino.

Unlike a real casino, players may also be offered bonuses whilst they play, just as they would with regular online gambling. Customers also like the fact that there’s no dress code in their own home and they can play wherever they like, whenever they like. In fact, with play available on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, players don’t even need to be at home any more to take part in the action.

What Live Dealer Casino Games are available?

The number of games offered by live dealer casinos are likely to grow as the concept becomes more and more popular and widespread. At the moment, players can expect to be able to play live dealer roulette and live dealer blackjack mainly, with some casinos also offering baccarat and poker.

It’s important to remember that there are likely to be multiple players in the same game, so the time in between play could be a little slow, just as in a real casino. The other players simply aren’t visible in the live dealer casino scenario.

Many live dealer casinos will allow a player to take part in more than one game at a time on a split screen. This can help when play is slow between bets because there will be more than one table to keep an eye on.

So there we have it: live dealer casinos look set to become the next big thing in UK gaming very quickly. Not only do they give the excitement of a live casino situation, but they also provide the ease of playing online and not having to leave the sofa to do so. Plus the odds of winning will feel slightly fairer compared to playing a computer generated machine (even if the odds are technically just the same). Just don’t forget to be nice to your dealer or croupier if you get chatting – after all, they’re only human!